Bo$quiat Clique – Stay Hippie Live Trill

What started off as just UMSC, a group from Hamilton just rapping about everyday live enjoying it in the ‘highest’ way, they have transformed to Bo$quiat Clique. A name change, sure, but the content is consistent. It’s fitting that the name of the group changed to pay homage to the legendary artist, because I feel as if they want to make their music more so as a visual piece of music rather than just hearing it. It’s evident of growth (especially with production), and it’s crazy to think about how much more they can improve. I’ve been messing with this group for over a year now, and they put of consistent music. Hip Hop is a genre that hasn’t always been based on having lyrical ability (depending on which rappers you idolized, or your mindset), but it’s also about how you’re able to entertain. The theme of this album revolves the ‘Hippie’ and ‘Trill’ mantras that many people embrace – laid back and relaxed. In the day in age where everything is about ‘turning up’, not very often do we take the time to just sit back and chill out. This mixtape does a good job of slowing it down and bringing a down-to-Earth feel to the music. With rhymes that people can relate to, the Clique flexxes their muscles a bit and delivers a quality project. I enjoy it, I’m sure you will to.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

Click For Download

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