What’s The Word? – Vent XLIII

I didn’t even know what to title this, because there are so many things that could have been thrown into the title. I don’t usually rant, but for some reason, I had to take it upon myself to go on a one. The way how people have interacted on all social platforms has changed dramatically since I’ve joined Facebook in 2006. There are countless amounts of people who rant on the flaws of people on social networks, and I’ve never really been one of them, but I got ticked off – and it takes a lot to get me completely aggravated to the point where I start writing about it.

What happened to us? I have to ask that question, because it seems as though people rather enjoy the misery of others than focusing on their own lives. Call me hypocrite, call me fake; you can throw whatever word out there to discredit my name, but I know who I am, and I’m speaking through observation (or I wouldn’t have been writing this at all). People have this obsession of making things more than they are and having this notion to have to meet the approval of those whom they’ll never meet. Why is that? When it did it become fashionable to have the positive opinions of others matter to you to the point where you’re changing who you are to please them? I’ll be running on a tangent, but I’ll keep it within the lines – this shit is childish; plain and simple.

People have taken too much pride in themselves to downplay others because they’re not “with the crew”, and they’re not “down with the clique.” You know what your problem is? Your mentality is still stuck in high school. I’m not talking about being mischievous and troublesome, because that’s everyone – we’re all immature in a sense. Shit, I know I am, but there’s a time and place for everything. There are people who haven’t met AT ALL, and they’re concerned on what the other is saying about them. To quote Steve Harvey, “Motherfucker, for what?” Why and how is that affecting your life? Why are you texting down your friend who doesn’t give a damn, about what so and so said about you? Get your life together, man, please. For the sake of humanity and your own sanity, get a grip.

Looking too deep into things that are not meant to be looked deeper into is what will cause you grief. I know this because I see it. You claim to be grown ass people, but you’re sending subliminals because “you don’t want to cause beef.” So, pray tell, what the fuck is the difference between the two if you’re still getting caught up on what others think about you? You people need more (real life) friends, and you have to get off the internet at some point – or at least do something significant to occupy your time, because honestly – I don’t understand how much it’ll take for you guys to learn that you’re not that special towards anyone for any reason. Unless they’re your genuine friend, I don’t know why you care so much – I really don’t, and I’ll never understand it. Social networking is meant to be fun and engaging; hostile at times? Sure, but a lot of people have taken the idea and ran with it all the way left. Do you, in your right mind, truly think that someone’s life is worth keeping on your personal radar? The answer to your question will determine what exactly your thought process is. Because everything is so open, of course we’ll be naturally curious as to what’s going on in certain people’s lives, but I think a lot of people have become way too obsessed for their own good, and they haven’t realized it.

Live life, enjoy life, and stop making things more than what they are. It’s the most unnecessary stress you’ll ever conjure up for yourselves, so ask yourself – is it worth it?

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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