I’m Better Than You – Vent XLIV

“This ain’t bout being cocky; it’s more about being Rocky. Eye of the Tiger, gotta keep fighting” – Sedrew Price (I’m Better Than You)

I’m better than you – it’s something that many say, something that many tell us not to say, but yet it’s something that we are or aspire to be – better than the rest; taking out the competition to look them in the face to say that, indeed, you’re better than them. Why is it bad to be competitive? Why isn’t it allowed to be outspoken when you’re always talked down to be Number 2 or 3? Kevin Durant somewhat fueled this rant when he said that he’s ‘tired of being number 2.’ Russell Westbrook is out for the playoffs, and he had to step up in Game 3 – 41 Points & 14 Boards is pretty justifiable to be ‘stepping it up’, I would agree. But for the people who have always come up short or have seemed to just not have enough in them to stand up and aim for that number one spot, I ask – why? When I was in high school and I saw my biggest rival walk across the stage with the award that I should have won in Grade 11 (lost it by 1%), that fueled an anger and passion within me that I still carry with me today. I wasn’t mad at her per say, it was my teacher whom I was mad at, but at the same time, she (rival) had always been beating me in school when it came to marks, so I took that personal.

Team competition is the best way to assume bragging rights over people, when you’re heavily involved. You root (or play) for a team and when they’re the best, you’re loud, proud, and vocal about it. People should have the competitive spirit within them to treat their goals and ambitions like sports. Pushing yourself to be better is something that everyone should want for themselves, and in order to do that, you have to be a little harsh, you have to be edgy, but you have to be determined to get it. Hip Hop has taught me a lot about when it comes to the spirit of competition that I think has since faded. No one likes to openly compete to say who’s better than who – it’s always the same polls and questionnaires on social media that stir the pot. Fan bases will come with facts (solid and absurd) to determine as to why one artist is better than the other. It’s entertaining at times, but why does it have to be the fans bickering? The unity of the game is great, but at the same time, you have to stir the pot and strike fear into the hearts of many just to understand that you mean business. You’re not trying to help someone else get rich if you’re not rich yourself. You have to be a little selfish, and that’s what I’ve learned over the course of my years – it’s about walking with a level of confidence.

“Who’s next to blow for sho’? Nigga he ain’t and you ain’t and you ain’t and you ain’t if Chuu ain’t.” – Chuuwee (Murder over Jordans)

In 2nd year of college, in my Avid editing course, we had a major assignment that called for us creating our own movie trailers from any movie of our choice. I told the teacher right then and there in front of the class that I was going to get 100% on it, and it’ll be the best of the class. Were there students who felt the same? Maybe, but did they show it? Nope. There wasn’t that level of confidence – there wasn’t a passion that went through them like it did for me, and that’s what gave me the upper hand. All of those long hours in the facility and putting together the pieces evidently did get me that 100% grade and the fact that the professor used my project as an example of how to do that assignment for years to come. That’s the purpose of working hard – to leave a legacy for others to view, respect, and hopefully follow through for their own life purposes.

There are people who say that they’re better than whomever, just for the sake of saying it because that’s what they believe until they’re proven wrong and the embarrassment flies right in their face. I see it all of the time; people are often caught up in the fact that they’re better than everyone else, but they fail to progress or excel – so who’s the one lying here? Egos play a big factor as to what and how people think, and believe me, an ego can either hurt you or help you. It all depends on what context you use it. I’ve had to learn how to control my ego, and yes it has got the better of me sometimes. Do I believe that I’m better at some things than other people? Of course I do. If I (or yourself in this matter) want to be looked at as a go-to person for whatever it is that you do, you have to be able to back up what you talk, and if you can, then why wouldn’t you think that you’re better than the next person who’s in your field of work? What makes you think that they think of you in the same regard? You may respect them, sure, but you have to at least think that you’re better.

No one likes being an asshole (okay, I’m lying, some people live to be the asshole), but the world isn’t friendly, and people will always be on your ass to push you down and climb over you. You can’t let that happen, or you’re just going to be in a soul sucking position forever. You are better than that, because unless you like the role of being someone’s shit dumper, you can ignore everything you’ve read, but just know, you’re worth more than what you think you’re worth now, and I guarantee you that there’s someone you work with that you know in your heart of hearts that you’re better than. Stand up for yourself and take control of your life. It’s sometimes as simple as looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself – I’m better than you. Now go out there and prove it.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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