Thundercat – The Golden Age of the Apocalypse

This new age Electronic production is really catching my attention. Brainfeeder is the label, and they just keep churning out the greatness. More people have been up to it before me (that’s usually the case, because I don’t go around all the time looking for things), but it’s definitely a sound that I can appreciate.

Thundercat is on the label, and I’ve heard some pieces of his through Flying Lotus‘ Soundcloud page. He has some dope stuff on here, and shout out to my boy Elijah for sending me the album. If you’ve listened to FlyLo’s Until the Quiet Comes, you get the different tempo vibes that it provides, but still maintaining that soulful sound; this album is much like that and that’s why it’s an enjoyable listen. With it being so smooth all around, you’ll catch yourself just zoning out to it and wishing that I could have been longer in length, because I certainly do. Check it out, and do enjoy.

Download Here

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