K-Oz – The Undercard 2

The first time I posted this rapper’s music on the blog, it was because I was really surprised by the sound that he came with and the strength of his lyricism – it was quite impressive. With the follow-up of The Undercard, the sequel provides a little more growth, but also he remains consistent with the delivery. I definitely hear some Canibus in his vocals, and the hunger is evident. This one is a bit longer than the 1st, but for those who are enticed by nostalgia beats, I don’t see why you’d be disappointed listening to this mixtape because he does them justice (as well as some of the numerous guest features). Run Away is a track that I also posted a while back, but it’s one of the best songs on the mixtape simply because of the creativity. Overall, the fact that he’s still playing the role of the Undercard (meaning the up and coming talent) shows that he’s still continuing to work on himself so that he can (hopefully) become a main event when the time comes. In the meantime, check this out and enjoy.

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