A Double Dozen – Vent XLIX

I find it funny that my best friend said, “go do something Kobe” to me since it’s my 24th birthday – I was pretty much thinking the same thing, and straight up 23 was a tough year, but it was also a year of growth and development in my adult self. Who quits their job, does a 7 month internship with nothing to support them financially, but only to come out with something that they wanted in the first place? A lot of people would only see those things in movies, or read about them in famous people’s biographies, but that’s what I did. I wanted something to change, so I enforced it (much to my mother’s chagrin – thank you for being patient with me, mom). What I also did was write – a lot. I like doing this, not because it helps me personally, but also because there are people interested in what I have to say whether it’s a mindless (well, thought-out) rant, or a simple music review (no matter how long it is). I appreciate the people who have supported not only my blog, but my overall dream to push forward in life.

Kobe Bryant changed his number to 24, because he said that he was 3 times better than when he wore 8. I don’t study the game of Basketball that consistently, but as an individual I respect Kobe’s constant drive and self-motivation to be the best throughout all obstacles (and emotional teammates that walk through the door). A lot of people look at Kobe and they see a reflection of Jordan, and I think that was always the intention for him – to emulate greatness from his inspiration. 23 was a crazy year as far as networking and getting my foot forward in the right direction. The fear is that you’ll lose that speed and slow down, but I feel like life won’t let me do that and I won’t allow myself to do that as well. Do I want to simply have a similar year to the last? Or do I want to push forward and have a better one? You obviously have to go with the latter, but the goal is to just continue being motivated although the support and compliments may flood in. I like to remain grounded because no matter where I’m at now and it’s a great start, I know I’m not where I want to be yet. It’ll be hard, and at times I will get flustered and frustrated, but I know what I want, and I will push myself to getting it – that’s how the greats think, and it’s how we should all think. “Different animal but the same beast” is a quote by Kobe that initially made no sense to me (even Kanye didn’t know what that meant), but it’s pretty simple; it’s a different year, and I could be a different person in some way, but I still have that inner beast that has the desire to be great. Vino is ‘wine’ in Italian, and wine gets better with age (another Kobe quotable), so I’m just going to look at everything with getting better in life. Growing up could be fun or it could be hell; being alive to see things happen to and/or for you makes it worth living, so in the words of Jay Z (no dash anymore) … ‘CAN I LIVE?!’

Here’s to this year and many more prosperous ones – a toast to progress.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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