Artist Profile – Willie The Kid

“My catch phrases amaze many
There’s no Catch-22’s to what I do
I’m doin’ mine differently in lieu
Despite lewd behaviour,
I’m taming the shrew.
Frosted shredded wheat, Willie
Money-making Willie
I’m peeling all manilla envelopes
No achilles”


The first time I came across this guy, I thought it was actually Willie B (Digi+Phonics producer for TDE), and since it was so close to Gillie The Kid’s name (Philly rapper), I thought maybe there was a connection, but I was wrong. One of my Twitter followers, Elijah (shout out to him), put me on to him more so by showing me a couple of EPs, and the dude can spit, there’s no doubt about that. He isn’t the most aggressive with his vocals, but he has bars and a flow to carry him on some dope beats (Somewhere was the first one I heard). When it comes to his style, I’m reminded of Elzhi in a way because of the calm demeanor of his nature, and ironically enough, he too is from Michigan. I don’t know how I didn’t follow up with his career after he laid down a solid verse on Lil Wayne’s Cannon remix in 2006, but he’s been in the game for a long time with a plethora of mixtapes and EPs, as well as 1 album that came out 5 years ago.

‘Stuck-In-The-90s’ people will most likely find an appreciation for his music because of the sound behind the lyrics that it carries, although all good music in the present day shouldn’t automatically be subject to comparison to the 90s – it isn’t fair to the progression of Hip Hop. It’s rappers like Willie The Kid, and even Skyzoo who fly under the radar for whatever reasons because they don’t choose to break out into a larger audience, and why they’ll be doomed to living in the ‘underground’ forever, and the underground has evolved to the internet. The music is good enough that you can sell it, but there are artists that just don’t care to have their music sold – and you can respect that to a certain degree.

As for what I expect out of Willie in the future? I don’t know, but I know for a fact that the projects won’t stop coming at any point because he just puts out project after project. Much like how Currensy drops something new every other week (it seems), I expect Willie to collaborate with more producers (Masterpiece Theatre with The Alchemist and Aquamarine are greatness) and other under-the-radar rappers (including Chuuwee) to boost him up eventually. Only time will tell as to where he ends up, but perhaps one day he’ll break out. In the meantime, check him out and take in something different from the norm. Hidden gems are everywhere; he happens to be another one. Enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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