Tales of the Tatts – Preston

It’s been a while since I had a T.O.T.T post, and this is the first from the male perspective, so I’m glad it came from this guy. Good dude, great father, and he definitely is a man on a life mission. Stay tuned for what he does in the future (@_DangerP on Twitter). Enjoy the story.


Working in a tattoo shop and being exposed to all the different styles and concepts has given me a more accepting and an expansive look at different tattoos, the reasons people get them, the style they are in, etc. I have seen some of the most horribly done tattoos and have had people love it because they wanted it to look like crap based on the sentimental value. “One man’s trash is another ones treasure” is a very true statement in so many walks of life.

I guess I can fit this bill too, seeing as how I have a life size portrait of a raccoon on my left forearm. I get asked on a regular basis, which is usually accompanied by a snicker or a look of uncertainty. “What’s up with the raccoon?” And for me it’s a simple explanation and a very heartfelt thought as well…

My baby sister Rayna was born on November 22, 2006. I love my baby sister with every fibre of my being. I pretty much raised her from birth until she was about 1 years old. Anyways, she had received (as a gift from the hospital) a little blanket in the form of a raccoon. She fell ABSOLUTELY in love with this thing. So much so that she brings the thing everywhere with her. Yes, I wrote that in present tense because 7 years later, she still brings it around. It’s patchy and is falling apart at the seams but she loves it. If you’ve ever seen me, all of my tattoos are family oriented. I also try to be original, so when I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo to represent the love I have for my sister, I got the image of a raccoon because it’s what she clutches to her most dearly.

So, you see? Everything usually has an explanation and “judging a book by its cover” is never necessarily a good thing.  Certain things require little explanation and a lot of understanding. Tattoos usually all have a purpose, a phrase, a picture, or in my case, an animal. These things speak to everyone in different ways from their own experiences. Our tattoos are like our journals to the world; the outward expression from our inner most feelings that we can express through art.

Thanks for reading

Take Care

– Preston

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