Open Letter – Vent LIII


 Hi Life,

You know, we didn’t exactly get off on the right foot, so allow me to re-introduce myself to you. You had me incubated due to infection before I could even open my eyes properly to observe the world, and I didn’t appreciate that. Was there something that got you upset from forces beyond me that you had to take it out on me at such a young age? Let’s talk about this for a second; I mean I almost didn’t make it, Life. But obviously there was something in your heart (or soul, or energetic aura) that gave me a chance to be with you, and I appreciate that, I really do. Now, people often call you a bitch and I don’t know about all that because I feel like you’ve been helping me along the bumpy road, but it hasn’t been easy. You know your daughter, Success? I’ve been trying to get to her for the longest time, and your idiot son, Failure, has been breathing down my neck for the longest time. Tell him that I’ll punch him in the face if he trips me one more time. I fell a couple of times, but I’ll be damned if he’s the reason why I don’t get back up. Talk to him before I say something, because I’m not having it with his selfishness.

You know what Life? You’ve put me in rooms with good people, and you’ve surrounded me with positive influences. Exactly what is it that you have in store for me? Like I said, the overall goal is to get with your daughter and whether I have your permission or not, it’s going to happen. What I don’t get, is that you make so many things harder for so many people who work harder than I do. I mean, I’m not about to throw comparisons to other people’s lives, but I have eyes to observe, and you’ve got to get a hold of yourself. People are trying to get to Success just as I am. Going through hell and back isn’t cool, but for some reason, you like to toy with people and let people get a glimpse before they can attain the full thing. You know when you dangle a carrot over a rabbit, or put a dog treat on its nose and tell it not to bite? You like doing that to a lot of people, and you’re not right for that. But, you know what? I like that you’re not fair; I like that you give people a challenge. I just hate how you’re just so complex and throw so many obstacles for us to get by. Why is that? Because you’re the facilitator in what makes us better people when it’s all said and done (by the way, thanks for keeping your cousin, Death, away from me up to this point – he can chill out). What do you have in store for me, Life? It’s a rhetorical question, because I’m excited to find out. You know me better than anyone just what I went through and how I’ve constantly bounced back from adversity. You like to poke me with a stick, but I swear to God I’m going to take that stick one day and throw it. I’m stuck with you till the end, and we’re going to get this (whatever ‘this’ is). 50 Cent said it best on A Baltimore Love Thing when he was personifying Heroine: I try to leave you, but I need you, and I’m addicted to you. We’ve got a love thing and Life…with everything that we’ve been through, are going through, and will go through…I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have no idea where Success is, but when I meet her, just let her know that I’ll be ready. Some say she’s tough to handle, but damn it, I’d have worked hard to meet her, so you’re damn right she’ll be tamed, so help me God.  I’ll keep in touch, because you know – you’ll be there anyways. Thanks for everything up to this point – keep it up.


Jordan A. Hayles

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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