Don Jon – The STiXXclusive Review

Romantic comedies aren’t usually my ideal type of movies to go watch voluntarily. I’ve often went to see them on dates, and thus you get a connection from it in a way that you take away from and you could relate it back to your own life, which is the norm. Usually these movies have over-the-top emotions that make the guys roll their eyes, but the ladies gobble it up (hey man, just go with it); so when it comes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Directorial debut, would he follow along the lines of the essence of a chick flick or would he stray from that? He’s been having a good couple of years, popping up on just about every movie that you can think of, and with his great personality, he could pull off a role like this.

One thing that people need to understand about men is that we like our routine, and in the case for Jon, that was no different; he had his routine: Work, friends, house maintenance, church, family, sleeping with women, and porn. Who doesn’t like porn? When it comes to the point where that routine is broken and we’re no longer creatures of habit, we’re forced to adapt because it’s about progressing, not staying stagnant. Jon meets Barbara, and Barbara changes his world, but in a way that I can relate to, when someone pretty much forces your hand to change who you are and breaks you out of your routine, you become lost – your priorities shift. This movie may be full of a bunch of funny moments and all the sexual references you can imagine, but it was essential in just telling the truth through the eyes of most men. We’re truly simple human beings.

When we get lost in our own shuffle, there’s always someone that the universe seems to put in our lives that sorts us all out to get our heads straight (in this movie, which would be Julianne Moore). It’s about restoring the natural balance in one’s life, and for Jon it was more than just tackling an issue, it was about changing his lifestyle to be a better overall person. The humour was definitely there and it was simple enough for a lot of people to follow along with. The cast of the movie is full of New Jersey accents left, right, and centre (Hi Scarlett), and whereas most people might find it annoying, I thoroughly enjoyed it because it’s Jon’s character that you gain interest in the most – the story of a young man becoming a grown man; it just takes grown people to help you along the way sometimes.

The rest of the cast adds to the hilarity of it overall (Tony Danza’s still got it), and it’s a feel good movie that’s more than just a lot of sex and swearing. I mean, that’s what life is – a lot of sex and swearing (depending on who you are, but a good majority). If you don’t feel for the theatre, it’s definitely one to rent on a date night with a partner (because…you know). Have some laughs and collect some thoughts, but most importantly – Enjoy. This is my opinion, this is my review, but for now

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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