Iman Europe – aliens&robots EP

You have to appreciate the people who think of you as someone to go to when showing new music. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that people actually want to send me music, so I’m definitely humbled by that. Now, the reason for that little intro is because I was forwarded this artist, Iman Europe, and while I was heading out towards the Red Bull Thre3style final qualifier, I decided to listen to this EP on my phone.

What captured my attention was the vibe of it being reminiscent of some older House music (not to be confused with today’s EDM). A good example of where vocals and production came together perfectly was on Glow. Being a fan of The Internet from Odd Future makes it easier to draw similarities to their production and the style of how she sings her songs. The difference is that she has great lyrical presence as she takes on the role of a woman who’s playing the enforcing role, whereas female R&B singers usually choose the vulnerable side to draw the listeners in. The sultry vocals reminded me of Miloh Smith a lot (especially when you listen to Suite 404), but I feel like she a smoother voice and carries a song better from start to finish. Another similarity I drew (I know artists hate to be compared to others, but it’s normal) was to TDE’s newcomer, SZA, as far as the pacing and flow are concerned. Trilly shows off her rap ability and shows her in the light as the girl that ‘trill niggas want’. It may not be anything to a lot of people, but I’m sure that people (probably in the privacy of their own homes) have had conversations with Siri like how Iman did on Siri’s Strange. It’s amusing in its own way.

The production was really impressive, and it was worth sticking around to enjoy from start to finish. You could vibe out to the beats and her voice proved to work really well to add to the relaxation of the setting (Cloud 9 is so chill). Also, her cover of Aaliyah’s One in a Million was pretty damn good as the beat was cut up a bit, while still keeping with the traditional Aaliyah flow and adding her style (along with some bars). Overall, this is a dope project, and it’s only the first thing I’ve listened to, so I have much more to check out. Give it a listen and most importantly enjoy. Follow her on Twitter @ImanEurope.

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