Gadda – In The Shell


Everyone hates comparisons, because everyone wants to come off as being their own unique artist while having their own style and image, and I completely understand and respect that. This track, right off the bat, gave me the impression of The Weeknd, but what I appreciated more was that his voice was better, and the content was less drug induced. It wasn’t all the voice that gave me the comparison, but the production around it was dynamic all the way through. There’s still that theme of complicated messages in love embodied in this track, and where I usually wouldn’t care for it (I’m not the big time R&B enthusiast now, like I used to be), I thoroughly enjoyed this, especially how smooth the beat carried over throughout the song. I’ve already listened to the song multiple times over because it puts you in that zone – it’s almost hypnotizing, really. I appreciate Gadda reaching out to me and sharing this track; it was really good, and hopefully I’ll be able to hear more from him as time rolls on. Enjoy.

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