Need For Speed – The STiXXclusive Review

The Internet enters its 25th year of existence, and I feel like it’s been longer, but the fact that it’s only been 25 years and it’s come so far, is incredible. Video games have been around a little longer than that, and to see how far they’ve come in as many years as it has, that’s equally incredible. I say both statements because I grew up with both, and they both have an influence on my life, as much as people of my generation like to try to act like it didn’t. The period of time when we were raised, video games were changing at rapid pace, and PC games were one of the first games that caught my eyes as a kid. Racing games are always entertaining because what was more competitive (and simple) than picking up a controller and racing with luxurious cars you would only see in magazines? Need For Speed was the answer, and through the developments in the series of the years and their different environments, I grew with the game, but I never would have thought that it would be turned into a movie, because all it was was a game that simply focused on racing.





Not really any major storylines, but just about getting as many cars as possible, making the most money, creating rivals, and becoming the greatest racer – okay, you could say there’s a story there. The only thing that was really detracting from watching this movie was that Fast & Furious was already 6 movies deep, and that following was loyal from the first movie (I vanished after Tokyo Drift and was too lazy to get back on it), and the fact that Paul Walker died less than a year prior to the release of this movie, I felt that it was a little too soon for a movie about fast cars racing to be put out, but nonetheless, if this is to be a new ongoing franchise, there’s nothing to do now but watch.


You know those movies that reveal too much in the trailer that you’re left with little to nothing to look forward to in the movie? That was almost this movie, but there were definitely some surprises that caught interest. What I liked/disliked about the movie was the use of 3D, because there are too many movies making 3D just to make 3D (and more money for the theatres, which is probably why sales have been down). The times where 3D worked were when the points of view were with the drivers, much like how it is in the video games, and I’m glad they stayed true to the franchise favourites, Underground and Hot Pursuit (you can throw in Most Wanted in there too). I think out of everything (the story was a yawn fest), it was important that elements of the video game still resonated in the movie, and high profile and fast luxury cars were being raced at full throttle.


I didn’t watch Breaking Bad (I’m getting Netflix soon, don’t worry), so I can’t really have a take on Aaron Paul’s acting as a whole, but in this movie, it was pretty obvious that he was supposed to be the Vin Diesel role player as the bold, and confident driver that led his pack of bandits in the driver’s world (stop me where you’ve heard this before). The acting wasn’t anything special, but there were humorous and quirky moments that kept it going, but the emphasis was the car driving along with the views from the dashboard, driver’s seat, helicopters, and even Go pros (good use of them too).


What you’re getting with this movie is an adrenaline fix and something to hold you over while you wait for the next Fast & Furious. As I stated before, I thought it was a little too soon to release a car movie, but for people who loved the video games, they’ll enjoy it for bringing it to life, which is what people usually try to recreate (illegally) in real life anyways. It’s a fun time, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I’d see it again for the thrills, so definitely check it out. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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