300: Rise of an Empire – The STiXXclusive Review

Greek history is one of the more interesting and in-depth fascinations that I grew up loving, along with Egyptian and Roman civilizations: the religion, the culture, the influences that they have on modern day societies, and obviously the history of violence. The mythology, much like Roman, also carries a lot of interest because of the stories of characters that hold significant symbolism to this very day –  it’s one topic that’s still taught in school (depending on the subject), and is depicted & reiterated throughout every field of work from military to politics, and yes – film. When the first 300 came out, it was all about the graphic novel being brought to life, chimed in with the heavy dose of testosterone, some cheesy, but epic lines (including a kick into a bottomless pit), and a lot of blood and violence to tell the tale of King Leonidas and his warriors out to take on the Persian army. Now, we all know how that happened, how did it all begin?


Well, whereas a lot of people didn’t see a reason why there would be a sequel (myself included), when you watch this, it makes sense, because it tells the story from the other side of Greece and gives a history lesson as to how Xerxes and his Persian army came to be, and how the battle with Greece started in the first place. Enter, Themistocles, the legend in Greek lore, and the initiator in the epic battle which would be 300. Just like how Leonidas’ story was told from child to King, the coming-of-age story was the same for him, and also you get a background from the enemy’s side and what really happened to Xerxes before he became ‘God-King’ Xerxes.


This movie has the action, and it has another sex scene, in which people couldn’t stop talking about (which was definitely more intense than the 1st movie, but it wasn’t that great), and also, I think my eyes are still recovering because I watched it in IMAX 3D. Here’s the thing about this movie being in 3D; because of the visual effects, I understand how it enhances the look of the movie, but I didn’t feel that it was at all necessary for it to be, because the first one was just fine in good old fashioned Standard 2D. There aren’t as many ‘memorable’ moments like the first one (I mean, it’s hard to replace Gerard Butler), but the emergence of Artemisia (played by Eva Green) makes a strong case for being one of the best characters of the movie because of her evil and conniving ways. Let’s just say, she’s to Xerxes what Eve was to Adam (if you believe in Biblical tales).


It’s definitely a movie that will get the adrenaline going for a bit, because the action calls for it, but at times it does get slow, and unfortunately, I walked away from the movie not really feeling satisfied with the result – it was simply a ‘meh’ worthy movie. I’m not a heavy action junkie, so if you are, you’ll most likely enjoy it more than I did, but in the end, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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