Dornik – Something About You


I was at This Is Not For You last night (a full write up will be coming), and throughout the night, music was playing from all ranges of sound to fill the vibe to match it with the artwork that was put on display. It was a great time, but there was one song out of the many, that caught me off guard and had me locked in for the longest time. I literally pulled out my phone and tried to Shazam it – didn’t work. I walked through a mob of people over to the DJ to ask just what song was playing. At first, I thought it was Pharrell, because listening to the song, that’s the feel it gave off; funny thing, when I asked the DJ how he found this song, he said that he was just on Soundcloud looking for stuff when this song came up. I’ve found great things on Soundcloud, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that this guy (who hails from the UK) sounds as good as he does. For someone who only has 2 tracks on his page, yet over 9000 followers and almost 1,000,000 combined plays, it’s actually insane that he doesn’t have an album out or anything. I became a fan just off the strength of this song, and now I want to hear more things. Such a mellow vibe; trance-like really. Enjoy it.

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