Immerze – 4500KM & Running


Toronto is steady focusing on building their Hip Hop scene so much that it’s very easy to forget that Vancouver also has a thriving Hip Hop culture to them as well. I mean, when Seattle is essentially their next door neighbour, you understand how that makes sense for them to have their own vibe. This video & track comes from one of Vancouver’s own, Immerze, and until listening to this, I hadn’t heard of him, but he sounds like he’s worth the listen, moving forward. As he takes us on his journey to the Philippines, it’s a little piece of his life of where he’s been, and where’s he’s at now as he progresses as an artist, building himself in unchartered territory. A good track, and also a good video. This is from his upcoming EP, Dayton Spokes, dropping May 4th. Until then, enjoy.

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