SAVE LTV (Leacock Television) – For Now & the Future

I’m a graduate of the Class of 2007 from Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute. A large part of what made Leacock such a valuable experience for me, was the high volume of media focused programs that helped shaped me into the person that I am today, in terms of where I went to college to study, which was Mohawk College in Hamilton for TV Broadcasting, and also what influenced the work field I’d eventually work in, which is currently broadcast post production. None of that would have been possible had it not been for the Television Broadcasting program that I took in Grades 11 and 12, and there’s a lot of evidence besides myself that deems the program worthy of continuation and not cancellation, as is the current plan by current principal, Anita Wong (read the official letter here).

Save LTV (colour)

I’m understanding that as of right now, the grade 12 program is currently not scheduled to be operating as of the next school year, and that saddens me greatly, and a lot of alum shares the same sentiment. It’s understandable to look at numbers and determine that enrollment is down, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the program itself is useless towards the school’s overall impact on drawing interest from future students. It needs better promotion, period.


I didn’t live in the area of Stephen Leacock when I attended. I traveled 45 minutes by way of 2 buses to go to the school because of the intrigue I got from learning about TV broadcasting. Where TV wasn’t the only thing I got into, I had my hand in Radio Leacock, and at times with the A/V Stage Crew. Other areas like traditional & digital photography from the Comm. Tech classes served value that I still carry to this day, but most importantly, LTV is the soul of the School’s reputation and success, and to cut the soul of the program, that doesn’t sit well with me at all.


The main reason why I wanted to be an editor, and why I’m on my way to becoming one, is because of (then Teacher Assistant, and current Teacher) Richard Houghton introducing me to AVID Media Composer in 2006. I had no idea what the program was, and I didn’t know how much of an impact it would have had on my life to this point where I’m still using the program frequently, had I not got that initial opening up from him. You shouldn’t rob future students of learning what they might find passion in, later on in life. The television program opens up so many doors of opportunity for career paths in media, and it’s a program that’s respected for creating such opportunities for students to excel in post-secondary programs and in the professional market. To close the program would do more harm than good, and I’m asking all those in charge of making a decision, to reconsider the motion to shut down this program. For the betterment of future students, it would be detrimental to the culture of the school, and also for its proud tradition of churning out successful people in the fields of television and film in the past, present, and near & distant future.


Please reconsider.


Contact the following individuals to help with the effort of denying the cancellation of this great program


Trustee Sotiropolous: e. – p. – 416-397-3066
Superintendent Chan: e.- p. – 416-396-9178
Principal Wong: e.- p. – 416-396-8000

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