Shi Wisdom – Stranger Things Have Happened (EP)


Shi’s so consistent when it comes to her delivery of music, because it makes you feel good, and the talent that she displays still has me in wonder as to why she’s not bigger as an act, but all things come in time, and her time will justly come. Having heard her perform Young Gunners live, and the crazy reception it recieved by the great crowd at Tattoo where she was co-headlining with SZA, it didn’t dawn on me that it would be included in an EP filled with a bunch of other songs that reminded me (ironically enough) of SZA’s most recent album, Z. The production is grittier, the messages are dark, and the songs are just as soulful with an umph of emphasis. It’s a quality album, and I’ve listened to it now on my 3rd time. From start to finish (Fly Too is one of my favourites), it’s not a surprise that it’s as enjoyable that it is. Melodic and vivid is the vibe, and it’s definitely a wave to be on for its duration, and it definitely has replay value. Putting the little twist on R&B has been the new norm, and it’s changing for the better. Glad that Shi is part of that change. Listen, buy, and most importantly – Enjoy.

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