X-Men: Days of Future Past – The STiXXclusive Review

The title confused me the most because I thought it was a type that was supposed to include the word ‘and’ in-between ‘future’ and ‘past’, but that wasn’t the case. The last bit of X-Men movies were a bit disappointing with the Wolverine spin-offs and the dreadful ending of the Original X-Men series, with X3, which will never be spoken of. However, First Class came around and changed the whole perception of the franchise and gave it a new life with a great story, dramatic action, and excitement was brought back into the beloved comic-turned cartoon-turned movie franchise.



The expectations for this movie were obviously high, because of the level of delivery that First Class brought to the table, and this movie definitely doesn’t disappoint, especially when you take into consideration that there’s a lot of bouncing between past and future that was a first confusing, but you get into it as the movie goes along. For a lot of people, especially comic book fans, it’s all about the accuracy of how the story on paper translates on screen, although there will always be tweaks for Hollywood purposes, but I can see after the movie that there were a lot of satisfied viewers as there was a resounding applause throughout and after the movie (stay after the credits, by the way).


What the movie brought to the table besides the time travel ‘change the past, change the future’ generic plot that has been seen often enough, was a great dosage of action & acting. How the movie was constructed to not really break off momentum from the previous movie and also bring back a lot old faces from X1 & X2 (with some surprises) was also great for mending the hearts of those who have greatly invested in the franchise.  There was nothing short of quality entertainment in this movie, and as far as superhero movies go for this year, I’d put this up there with Captain America 2 as far as how well rounded the movie was from start to finish. Obviously I’m of the non-comicbook invested crowd, so others may have a different opinion, but this is definitely worth the money to sit through as the churning of summer movies is in full effect. Go out and enjoy, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review


That’s My Word & It STiXX

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