It was a few years ago, maybe 2 or 3, when I came across BadBadNotGood on YouTube doing covers of Odd Future songs, and that’s what brought the clash of jazz and hip hop to life (for me) in a different way.

In a way, they’re known, but they’re still very much hidden from the Toronto eye. For the longest time, I didn’t even know they were from my city, but I could definitely appreciate the skills that they have. Without actually hearing one of their original compositions until this album, I knew they had skill, but it’s really demonstrated in a great way on this album which has opened the doors for them on many ways than one. It’s a bit on the dark side, but it’s orchestrated in entertaining and dramatic fashion that’s suitable in a various amount of settings. If you’re not yet familiar with BBNG (hint: Tyler the Creator mentions them on the last track of his album, Lone) then go discover something new. Follow the link below to stream the album via Soundcloud. It’s also on iTunes. Enjoy.

Stream Here

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