The Perception of the Transition – Vent LXV

This was an insane weekend in Toronto that just past us, and it was a combination of celebration, cultural appreciation, and for me specifically, reflection. With Drake’s 5th annual OVO Fest being the highlight of the weekend, it wasn’t the only thing that was happening, but it was at his event that a particular shifting point occurred and deemed a pause in my life for a particular instant.


Besides the fact that I was going to see Outkast, I didn’t think that I’d see a bunch of people from my near & distant past, to my current present, and possible future. When you have that combination of people that are in your life, there’s something that triggered in me that I was in a particular twilight into a transition that I felt was moving in the right direction, and because ‘3’ is the number that has been involved in my life for as long as I can remember, who would have thought that I would take 3 years for the moment to occur? Without getting into serious details about what exactly happened, what the purpose of this vent is to look at the area of transition because that has seemed to be the theme of my life in 2014. My uncle got married, one of my close friends ended a long-term relationship and in a short burst of time, may have found someone that she didn’t foresee coming, and then – there’s me and just the multiple things going on at the same time that don’t need any particular mention, because I’m sure I’ve written it somewhere on here.


The most fascinating thing about life that I’ve discovered is that it works in such mysterious ways that you can either attribute to fate, luck, destiny, or the power of a higher being that has everything left out of your hands and you’re (as my big ‘sister’ Nicki said yesterday), ‘running with the flex.’ Like I told my friend the other day, you can’t fight the feeling of what deems to be right, because you truly never know what’s going to happen unless you follow your gut instincts. I know ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ is the set-up for something devastating (sometimes), but seriously what is the worst thing that can happen? Others don’t have it as easy when it comes to moving on, and some can’t find it within themselves to move on, period, so that’s what makes a transition of any obstacle such a gamble, whether or not you plan so hard to map out just what your life is supposed to be like – life happens and it’s not something that can be written down into stone, because of the ever-changing patterns. A lot of times, we as human beings, fight our urges because something that’s happening isn’t ‘supposed to be happening’, so instead of going with it, we fight against it until we realize that it was something that we shouldn’t have ignored. Missed out talking to someone, turned down a job, didn’t apply for a specific program. We’re human, we make mistakes, but we also do too much second-guessing, and that includes myself. It’s still something that’s an ongoing process of self-educating, but it’s part of the movement through life that we’re still getting accustomed to – trust yourself; that’s step number one.


That’s My Word & It STiXX

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