Seth Dyer – IX [EP]

Honesty – I’ve been told by many artists and people involved in music alike that there isn’t enough of it going around; that there are too many people faking the funk just to get some traffic on their sites and to continually promote mediocrity in the industry – that’s wrong, and that’s not something that I advocate. When you’re honest about your opinion with people, I’ve noticed that when I meet people in person, they have a certain respect for me, and it’s a genuine feeling to be appreciated for your honesty, but it shouldn’t be such a foreign concept, not only in music, but with anything that requires an opinion. Seth Dyer is an example of people who take constructive criticism and apply it to make themselves better. Independents are the grass-roots of music because we all have to start somewhere, and with his debut EP, it’s a good somewhere to start.


Broken record phrase, but I don’t care – Toronto is bubbling with talent and it’s not just with our producers, because it’s been a known fact that we have some of the world’s greatest in our backyard, but it’s time that the resurgence of our vocalists and rappers get shine as well. Initially with Seth, there wasn’t anything special about him that  could pinpoint him as being a guy who can have an enduring career, but with this project, I could be wrong. The moody-trap vibe is what seems to be the go-to approach for Toronto since the city’s atmosphere reflects our moods, which inspires the music, so it’s understandable.


This EP was pretty dope, I have to say. Juvon Taylor is going to be something serious when he catches fire, because the man has an exceptional voice. Production by Average was far from the name he goes by. It was dope from start to finish. Seth definitely came with the fire from a lyrical point of view. If listening to Why Would I doesn’t make you want to throw something and turn up, you’re not doing it right. His flow impressed me more than the one track I listened to, so I’m glad that he came with a great EP to grab my attention even further. What was even more impressive was his live performance; energy and stage presence was crazy. I was quite surprised to see him come out like that, but it’s always a good thing to leave a lasting impression whenever you get the opportunity to do so.


This EP is worth the listen. I should just end the sentence there, but it really is something that you can bump from start to finish comfortably and be entertained in the process while still getting to know a bit of who Seth Dyer is. If you don’t know him already, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the near future. But for now, start with this, why? Because

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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