Mr. Independence Day – Vent LXVII

“Hey Hey, Mr. M.I.A, could we get an interview with Mr. Independence Day? You big time. Feeling like you made it, graduated, seems like you’re on your way…”

  • Sedrew Price [Independence Day]


I’m sitting here in almost the exact same spot where I first created my blog as I finalize the last things before I move out of my mother’s space, and venture off in my own direction in life – solo. On my own. Thus has been the story of my continued life. Sitting in a barren room with only limited things that I’m not taking with me, I couldn’t help but get sentimental as I prepare to say goodbye to the place I called home for 5 years, but served as the important years of my life as I transition to the next chapter of my life.





It’s funny – the word ‘transition’ – my mother referenced to this apartment as just that, and little did she know that it would transcend not only literally, but figuratively. 2009-2014 were eye-opening years for me, because it started with the last year of College, and ended with the last day of working my 3rd TV show in less than 2 years. Everything in-between has been full of life changing experiences, frustrations, going flat out broke, and discovering just who I am. Some of the best work that I’ve created came out of this room, and all this time, I could barely get a Wi-Fi signal. This room is where I gathered up the strength to eventually tell my mother that I was going to quit my retail job, and go cold turkey jobless until I found something better. This room is where I’ve edited so many videos to enhance and build my craft. This room is where I’ve killed time, put up posters, and oddly enough, was the last time I cried 4 years ago. But change is necessary.


I can only be so much of a man while still living with my mother, and given the pros of living under the roof of a parent, the way I was raised by such a strong & independent woman, it enabled me to become strong and independent. I give my mother all the credit deserved to her, and then some, because she was the reason why I was able to push myself to get better and to prove that I can get out there and make something of myself. I do believe in Zodiac traits, and being a Cancer (living with a Cancer, might I add), when it’s time to go, and you know it’s time to go – don’t find those desires. Being prepared for the world does take confidence, and it takes discipline to be able to take care of yourself. I know a lot about sacrifice, and I know that I’ll definitely have to do so in the first stages of living on my own, but I accept challenges – damn it, I’m already a Black male in North America – that’s a challenge in itself, but I already do my best to push myself through every obstacle I come up against.


We joke around about making it in life, often saying “NIGGA, WE MADE IT!” without actually making a significant change, but this right here?! This shit right here?! This is major, and although my goals and aspirations are bigger than the van that’ll be carrying my stuff to my next residence, this is a moment of ‘making it’ that I am proud of, and I don’t usually like tooting my own horn that much. I still feel, overall, that I haven’t done anything major, but I’m definitely working on myself to get to that point.


I want to say thank you to those who have been rocking with my blog (lacking consistency as of late, but you know…this moving thing) and will continue to read what I have to say. The well wishes and support throughout my transition has been amazing, and I sincerely have gratitude for everyone. It’s the ending of one chapter, and the beginning of a new. What comes with it is yet to be seen, but whatever comes, I’ll be sure to tackle. From Susan Street, to Leaside, and now on to Yonge & Eglinton, the story continues. Thank you all.


That’s My Word & It STiXX

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