Domo Genesis – Under the Influence 2

Remember a time when Domo Genesis was considered one of the weakest rappers in Odd Future behind Earl, Tyler & Hodgy Beats? That seems like a long time ago, because since No Idols, he has not missed. Not once. At all. His verse on Rusty, multiple verses on OF Tape Vol 2, his verses on the Mellowhigh album, his verse on Robes for Freddie Gibbs’ Piñata album; Domo has not missed, and he’s back again with the sequel to the mixtape that started his ascent into becoming not only the best rapper in the crew, but stepping out to be one of the better rappers around for the younger representatives. He definitely has put in the work, so it’s a matter of time before he gets proper recognition. To see the progression of Domo since Rolling Papers has been impressive, so the ceiling is high for what more he can come out with. Take it in for yourself and definitely enjoy.


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