Interstellar – The STiXXclusive Review

One thing that has always fascinated but haunted me for a good duration of my life has been what exactly happens to us when we die. Do we just sit in that coffin and await the fate of nature to consume our bodies? Do our souls really travel to a Heaven or Hell? Or is there something out there that is interconnected with us that is in a galaxy far far away? There are a lot of questions that have no answers, because the dead can’t talk, and the smartest people in the world won’t even be able to decipher what’ll happen. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, but I don’t let it consume me. What we, as humans, obsess over is our own destruction. Humans are destructive, and as a young species, the fear is that we’re going to destroy our own world because we’re too self-absorbed in the world of technology, which takes away from the essentials of human life like growing food, cultivating crops, and sustaining a healthy Earth for future generations. So the question becomes now: if this Earth, which every other year is ‘doomed’ by some sort of conspiracy (Hello Mayans, I’m talking to you), were to experience a fate in which we couldn’t change, then what would happen? How would we sustain life After Earth? Where would we go? These are he questions that the Europeans probably asked themselves and relied on the bravest and most eager men & women to set out and discover a new world – in this case it’d be a new planet or Solar System. Interstellar sets up the story of what could happen.



I was drawn to this movie because ever since Inception and the Dark Knight Trilogy was taken over by Chris Nolan, I’ve been a fan of his dark and mind-numbing (I wanted to use another word) ways to creep you out and have you questioning just what goes on in the world because he takes stories and creates mazes, which end up turning into Rubik’s Cubes, and ultimately you just say ‘forget it’ (also wanted to use another word) and hope for a moment that you can try to figure out what’s going on. That’s pretty much what my reaction was in this movie, but in a good way, because it’s great to be intellectually stimulated in a world where the crash, bang, and in-your-face gets all of the attention in the world. Astronomy has been a fascination of mine since I was a little kid, so it was just like that – bringing the kid out of me and bringing me into a fascination that was embodied in a question…What If?


Matthew McConaughey has been on a hot streak with his Oscar win for Dallas Buyer’s Club, and a (what should have been longer) role in The Wolf of Wall Street. His charm and sense of humour will always be there to inflict that personality, but as an intelligent being who is also a dedicated father, whom his character Cooper portrays, there’s an extra element that plays a factor into shaping a great role. He was the focal point, as the world needed the bravest people to find a new hope for mankind. It would appear to be your simple story, but like space and the movies (Christopher Nolan ones in particular), there’s a lot of uncertainty and anything can happen at any given moment. Conspiracies with regards to space have been around since the days of Galileo and his telescope. How can we be so sure that there is inhabitable life out there for humans? How will we be able to move 7 Billion people on Earth to a new galaxy to inhabit? Nothing is for certain, but those were the type of questions that were asked in this movie that I found truly fascinating.


The amount of people that pop up in this movie is surprising because it’s like every other turn created another obstacle or another twist that made me ask myself “did that just happen?” a few times, and the ultimate “WOAH” that I didn’t even see coming – there were quite a few of those. You could look at this movie like Gravity, but then the only comparison you could draw to it was that both of those movies were in Space. Both have similar meanings in regards to life symbolism, but ultimately this movie is light years (you see what I did) beyond that and should definitely be in some award conversations to head into the end of 2014 and early 2015. Anne Hathaway is a great actress herself and didn’t disappoint in a supporting role, which seems to be a strong forte for her. Michael Caine (who just seems to come with Christopher Nolan’s contract) also adds in that factor of being the voice of reason or authority, but believe me, his character will surprise you as the movie goes on. I wish I could go into more detail, but I’d be giving too much away. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, possibly the best (I still love Dawn of the Planet of the Apes a lot), but it’s most definitely a must see for anyone – space nerd or non-space nerd. You’ll definitely enjoy it, or be intellectually over-stimulated. Either or. Pick your poison. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review


That’s My Word & It STiXX

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