Hodgy Beats – What’s Yours

I’m Canadian, so the Loonie as the cover art for this new track suggest 1 of 2 things: 1. He loves Toronto or 2. He just loves all of Canada, period. They (Odd Future) have a large fan base up here, so it’s no surprise that they show love. This is pretty cool however. What’s even cooler is that there is a new mixtape from Hodgy Beats coming, and it is the sequel to his first mixtape, The Dena Tape. Part 2 is slated to drop on 2.2.15 (makes sense), so in the meantime between time, enjoy this little nugget. Hopefully another Odd Future member (*cough* Frank Ocean *cough*) drops something soon, as the whole team is slated to drop albums all over the place. This is a good start.

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