John River – Hope City II

Mississauga is not just one of those regions in the GTA that can be overlooked anymore for not having anything worth talking about. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and they too (like Toronto) are establishing an identity for themselves. It’s starting to come out because the Millennials have finally started to blossom and churn out that urban flavour for others to cultivate (you can call it the Drake Effect if you wish). The region which I call ‘District 9’ is home famously to PartyNextDoor, but it’s also home to a one John River, who is an inspiring of a person as he is an artist. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing him and being familiar with his music. The Calm was the introduction that solidified that he may be young, but his voice is mighty. The Storm is coming, and with a significant gap in between the projects, much development and nurturing has been done before this upcoming mixtape puts more people on notice. I had the chance to be out in Mississauga for this video shoot, with a lot of other young & talented people in the city, shaping the future of our cities’ respective cultures. It’s a statement that John presses on this song, so pay attention. Enjoy.

(Look out for my cameo – Eagles fitted, for a clue)

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