The Theory of Everything – The STiXXclusive Review

I don’t know a lot about the universe and just how it became to be, but I’ve always been fascinated by it since I was a child. Always studying about Astronomy, figuring out the different galaxies, and it really expanded my imagination and belief that there’s really more out there than just us. But the greatest fascination with the universe is just how it came to be, and when you think of the greatest minds to ever talk about the subject of the creation of all things, there still aren’t definitive answers, although there are many scientific elements as evidence. The God vs. Science argument will last for as long as arguments will be had of the theory of creation, so let’s just say until the end of time. Stephen Hawking is another man who has given his own theory and has dedicated his entire life to finding out just the universe came to be.


Because I’m not overall in depth with the scientific side of life, my knowledge of Stephen Hawking has always been the guy who has to talk through a computer while riding around in a wheelchair, but is also one of the smartest people to ever walk the Earth, in a very academic way (there are different levels of intelligence). Because of people like me, whom aren’t too familiar with him, this biopic served as a guide to put into perspective who he is and who he was before the unfortunate disease took over him and left him unable to control his own body, except for the only thing that matters – the brain. Stephen didn’t let this disease consume him, but yet he continues to live his life in order to fulfill his true purpose. Considering that a doctor thought that he’d only had 2 years to live with the disease, it’s inspiring that he’s still to this very day, chasing a goal and maintaining that ambition from his days in University. The emphasis in this movie isn’t just about the genius that is Stephen Hawking, but it’s the relationship with his then-wife, and mother of children, Jane. To see her stick by his side and endure the struggles of the disease, and even when temptation struck, it was interesting to see that relationship develop.

There’s a good reason why this is one of the more decorated movies of the award season, because it’s really Eddie Redmayne who brings Stephen Hawking to life. It’s not easy to play a role in which you have a physical illness that inhibits you from voluntary movement and limited to no speech. This was not an easy role to take on, and for someone who didn’t know more than 3 things about Stephen Hawking prior to watching the movie, I discovered that Stephen is someone who has a great sense of humour, definitely has his way of words, and always has that fascination with the one question that has no definitive answer. No one knows why we were put here to live, but one thing’s for sure that Stephen has inspired many to help him on his journey to finding out, and with the strong partnership that Jane brought to the table, it’s also shown that you never have to go your toughest battles alone. Go watch this movie in your spare time, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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