Insurgent – The STiXXclusive Review

Why is that everyone sees something different as a threat to humanity? The constant fear of the unknown especially in the case of people is crazy, and it’s really a shame as human beings that the first instinctive thing to do is to extinguish those who are not like the norm. It’s unfortunate, and being that it’s not the most original narrative in Hollywood, it can make for great drama when brought to light in a creative way – thus we have the sequel of Divergent continuing where it left off. Being blamed for actions that you aren’t guilty of, being betrayed by those whom are lost & in disarray as to why they are being the hunted when they did nothing wrong, and at the same time seeking personal salvation from inferior woes; these are some of the storylines that were woven in the film that was brought to light from literature (I should read the books).


Tris discovered that she was not like the others during the first movie (go watch it if you haven’t), and because of that, she was deemed a threat; she was labeled as an enemy of the State that was sent from whomever to be the catalyst of destruction to humanity (sounds familiar – another book trilogy with a leading female heroine). Through self-guilt and vengeance intact, there’s the main goal of seeking answers by any means necessary, and also throwing over a corrupted establishment (again – sounds familiar). I didn’t know what to expect with the movie, but truly it’s full of surprises left, right, and centre that kept me intrigued. What I appreciated about the movie is that it didn’t move slow, and although there were periods of filler, it was necessary in advancing the story and not drowning it out in a single narrative for too long so that it took away from the rest of the movie. I felt that it moved well, and there was no lack of emotion evident.

I thought I would have grown tired of all of the movies taken from Young Adult Novel Trilogies, but some still have peaked my interests, including the Divergent trilogy being witnessed now. I hope that the movie series finishes out with a bang, because it’s a really good one that it’s an easy yet entertaining couple of movies (thus far) to watch. Be sure to get into it, whether they’re the movies or the novels. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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