Ex Machina – The STiXXclusive Review

Movies & television shows have ways of predicting the future even if it’s simply through the scope of one’s imagination. When it comes to movies with regards to artificial intelligence, it certainly provides a type of foreshadowing that I would think to be inevitable. As has been seen in movies like A.I., I, Robot, and even recently, Her, they show ways of technological advancement in ways that would suggest that human to computer interaction would one day be the norm, and it seems as though that’s slowly (like a tortoise moving through molasses) to coming to be. Like all things when it comes to evolutionary advancement, there are flaws in every system, from both sides. Depending on whatever it is that you believe in, human beings like the idea of playing God, but failing to recognize that even Gods have been turned on through a negative light.


Ex Machina is an interesting story because it takes the character of Sonny from I, Robot and paints the human aspect of it. The bulk of the movie revolves around a robot subject (Ava), and a tester (Caleb) that try to determine the functionality of the robot and if you can distinguish their ‘conscious’ and see them as human. It’s an interesting spin on it, but where that’s not the majority of the story is revolved. At the same time, you have Nathan, the creator who has a mysterious vibe around him that you can sense from the get go. The development of the movie comes from within conservation, trying to pick the brains between the 3 characters, and the fact that it’s situated in an isolated house in the middle of nowhere, it’s like a maze-like atmosphere that puts Ava & Caleb as lab rats in perspective. The great thing about this movie is how it unwinds and the plot unravels and ‘wtf’ moments carry forward towards the ending. The music score of this movie helps build the intensity of it as well, and that’s where it really adds to the eerie vibe of it all.

Sci-Fi movies aren’t in particular ones that I run head first out of excitement, but where there is simple drama that’s executed well, it doesn’t matter what the genre is. This is a great movie and beforehand I heard that it was good, although I was skeptical. I’m glad I was wrong about it, so I definitely recommend watching it at some point this year. You won’t be disappointed. More likely you’ll be taken by surprise. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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