Avah Coco – Living

We live in an interesting time with regards to music because of the various ways in which music is being created, explored and used. When you think that everything has been done already, there are more innovative sounds that are concocted and whether they’re for the better or worse, they’re advancing sounds that grab the ears of many people, which produce followings and are effectively trendsetters. EDM is in the conversation of being one of those innovative sounds that has gradually taken over the music scene over the past couple of years, but if you’re from a certain generation, EDM just reminds you (in ways) of House or Techno music. I remember my mother playing Everything But The Girl & Frankie Knuckles while growing up, so I have that presence of House in mind. I’ve listened to EDM, but it’s not something that I would openly & willingly be a fan of, because it’s just not my style. I know a lot of people who love it because of the energy that it brings, and it does, but sometimes it just feels like Transformers are battling it out and a beat was thrown underneath and delivered to the people. That’s how I feel sometimes when I hear it. That doesn’t mean that it’s meant to diminish the efforts that artists take when it comes to making this music, much like Avah Coco does here. With her first single PSYCHOnarcoTIC giving me a bit of that House atmosphere that I connected with, I figured it would do some justice to check out her album that was recently released.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.06.22 AM

Based on the first time I heard her sing to now, the process of finding her voice had finally developed and found a sound that resonated. Usually the way to go when it comes to Black female artists is the R&B route, but she took her breathy vocals to the EDM scene, where they shine bright, especially on Pinklust where it’s as dynamic as is her voice soothing. The content of the album in itself revolves around being in a zone that could only be translated to the effects of a drug. It could be love, or it could be actual substances. That’s usually the case with EDM that I’ve found through dibbling a bit into that genre. It’s no different here that there’s more of an emotional feel that draws the listener to have a connection to the music itself while the voice serves as a narration. Her voice is very suitable for it because she’s obviously done her homework with what the style is, and has made an effort to keep consistent with that throughout the album.

The main reason why I don’t really rock with EDM is because a lot of the music sounds relatively the same, and a lot of it has music that overpowers the vocals which would just make it suitable to just have instrumentals. And at times, on Living, the vocals do get overpowered, but the themes of each song were synonymous with regards to it being a sensual essence with a vibrant sound rumbling underneath. Living is a range of motions and feelings that starts high then progressively drifts from mellow to somber, which is the common feeling of being on a high, which I would think that Avah would be emphasizing. The monotonous voice is soothing, and she shows range, which is the most important thing that’s established. Throughout all of the bells and whistles of production, it can’t always save you if you don’t have some talent. And talent is what she has. From a-non-frequent-EDM listener, this is still pretty chill, and for a first album to get her foot in the door, her feet wet, and a start on her career, there’s not much more than putting out a good body of work to show off what it is you have to offer. Check it out; recommend some friends to check it out, and most importantly, Enjoy (below).

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