Inside Out – The STiXXclusive Review

There are these things that every human or mammal has inside of them, and they’re called emotions. Now, these emotions dictate a lot of different feelings that we have within us, and certainly a lot of decisions we make in life are determined from these things we call, emotions. Now, because of these emotions, we often fail to use logic in situations because going off of a feeling is going through an instinctive motion, and because feelings clash with each other, we don’t seem to function well when certain situations arise and emotion just isn’t in check fast enough to think smartly. Have I confused you yet? Yes? No? Well, never fear because there’s always a movie that can visualize and better explain things than written words can, and here we are with Disney/Pixar doing its job to bring things to life. It’s been a while since I watched an animated movie, but this needed to be seen because of the concept that involved our inner feelings and it characterizes them, which in turn makes us think about ourselves. I know that these movies are more so geared towards children, but I often think about if the kids themselves will actually understand the references happening. However, children are smarter than I’m giving them credit for, so let’s just move forward.

There are certain ages that are really key emotional gateways into moving forward. The preteen years, just before we hit puberty, are years that we tend to experience vast emotional swings, just because so many things are happening in our lives. In the case of the main character Riley, she’s dealing with a transitional time (literally) and the range of emotions is often so widespread, that there’s really no control over them. This movie lays out the transition of innocence to getting to what happens when more real world curve balls get thrown, and how we react to them. The process of growing up involves letting go of memories that mean nothing to us, and it was really interesting and original to see how that growing process works, which every single person experiences. It’s a great teaching tool for kids as they get older, because it shows that it’s okay to make new memories and let go of old loves because as you go forward in life, there are new experiences, both good and bad, that are necessary to build up your personality. It’s such a great and simple idea, that there’s a reason why Pixar has won so many awards over the years.

Would I recommend watching this movie? Yes. Absolutely, no questions asked. It’s funny enough for adults, it has the quirkiness that appeals to kids, but overall the story itself is one that everyone can relate, some not quite yet, but it’s the message in the movie that matters in terms of being able to explain it to them. I enjoyed it a lot, and there’s really no wrong that can be done when Disney/Pixar come together (well, except Cars 2…and Planes). Either way, get out and see it. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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