Trainwreck – The STiXXclusive Review

Comedies really haven’t done much for me lately because it’s either Melissa McCarthy playing the same role over and over in one movie, another Will Farrell movie, or Kevin Hart popping up in everything. It hasn’t really done much for me in a while, but if there’s anything that I do know about Judd Apatow, it’s that he knows how to bring the funny, although I haven’t watched a ton of his movies. RomComs are also iffy, because where you go for the comedy, you know that the mushy, gushy lovey stuff is always on deck, and that’s not what I’m always there for (my emotions are just wack I know). There a lot of things that happen with damaged people when they try to have relationships. Because they’ve been in so many toxic ones, when they find a good thing going for them, they don’t know how to act.

That’s certainly been a narrative that I’ve heard often from a lot of my female friends, and as a guy, it makes me feel weird because there can’t be that many shit heads in the world, can there? It seems time and time again that there are. Sucks for the next guy, but that’s not important. When you’re someone who’s committed to working and trying to get ahead of the game to advance your career, a lot of things take a back seat while still trying to live that life free as a bird and care free with no attachments. That’s a luxury life for many, it seems (at least among millennials). It takes one person who can completely flip that around, and thus is the case for Amy in this movie where she plays a single woman who works in magazine print, trying to get ahead while having her love life on pause as she just enjoys whatever physical contact she can get for the purpose of work. When she’s put in an awkward situation to cover a topic she knows nothing about, she finds herself paired with a doctor who makes her feel emotions she doesn’t seem to have felt in a long time.

Along with the family dysfunction that takes place throughout the movie highlighting the estranged relationships between her sister and father, there are a lot of things that set the chain reaction in place while at the same time trying to figure out this Mr. Right (Bill Hader) and if it’s actually the right thing to do although his feelings are completely genuine. The storyline isn’t one that’s unique to any degree, but how it’s played out was entertaining. Lebron James was surprisingly funny in this movie, and for someone who doesn’t exactly like him on the court, his personality came through and delivered better than I expected it to. With SNL cast members coming out of the woodwork and all the vulgar dialogue you can handle, I must say that it was a pretty funny movie for its entirety. Again, not really here for that funk, that sweet, that sour, that gushy stuff, but I won’t bullshit you, this is a good movie that I would recommend seeing as a date night (good ice breaker and topic of discussion afterwards – you’re welcome). But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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