Rick Ross – Black Dollar

Rick Ross is a rapper that I seem to go back and forth on a lot, because where he hasn’t had a really good album (to me) since Teflon Don, his mixtapes seem to make up for their lack of effort (excluding The Black Bar Mitzvah), and it seems wild that it seems as though he hasn’t done much lately, oh except drop 2 albums in the 2014 calendar year (Hood Billionaire Mastermind). Rick Ross’ personal life has gone through nothing short of tension, court dates, and a rapper on his label being “bodied by a singing nigga.” It’s been all bad for the camp, so what do leaders do? They lead by example and get the fire started. Contributing to the blessed year of 2015 that has been so for Hip Hop, out of the blue, Ross started dropping songs out of the sky, and here we are with Black Dollar as the latest work from Mr. William Roberts, and off the first listen, the production is magnificent, ranging from Jake One, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Black Metaphor, D.Rich, and KeY Wane. There’s a more soulful vibe this time around, and gradually descends into the suave R&B sonnets with a host of features from MMG’s own Meek & Wale, to outside of the camp with Future, August Alsina, Gucci Mane, and freakin’ Anthony Hamilton! There’s a lot going on with music that may have this one lost in the shuffle as we embark the 4th quarter, the final stretch run of 2015, but there will definitely be some fire. So please, enjoy.

Download (No DatPiff Tags)

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