For God So Loved The 6 (i) [Curated by Meghan Eliza]

2015 has to be designated the ‘Year of Toronto’ because with the continued success of Drake, the resurgence of The Weeknd and his powerhouse album doing numbers along with his singles, and with the top 4 Billboard Hot 100 singles being Drake (2), The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber, excuse the pun, but seriously what a time to be alive (and Canadian). And I didn’t even mention the Blue Jays who are on a roll to the postseason. But let’s get it back to what’s important. This playlist has been around for a while, but I didn’t come across it until last night. It’s great that someone took the time out to dive deep into Soundcloud and find the bright spots of the Toronto artists that are next up to take North America by storm (and that’s not even including what Tory Lanez & Alessia Cara are currently doing). Much love to Meghan for putting this together (which I assume will not be the only time, so look out for those), and if you’re new to the Toronto sound, this serves as a nice welcome card. Enjoy.

[Cover Photo: @SoTeeOh]

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