Sicario – The STiXXclusive Review

The 4th quarter presents much of the best of the best with regards to music & movies, but focusing on the visual aspect, because of festival season, Sicario is one movie that was widely popular, so it was a must on my list of movies to watch in this fall season (and a good excuse to get indoors during the chilly weather). The last movie that I saw with a bunch of Mexican Cartel hype was Savages and that turned out to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, so I was hoping and praying to the lords of Cinema that this movie would not let me down. With the likes of Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt & Benicio Del Toro being at the forefront, I couldn’t imagine that this would turn out to be a bad movie at all.

There are a lot of things that we don’t know about that go on with the likes of carrying out major operations that require and lot of (sometimes) illegal activity. The government (specifically, the United States government) has its paws on just about every country on Earth, and that often gets them into situations where they have top-notch secrecy about the missions that are carried (Shooter is the first movie that comes to mind). The intensity showed literally from the opening frame of this movie because of the trembling mood music, the subtle bursts of action, and graphic images that make you jump. What I liked as well was the fact that you didn’t know where the stories of the different subject were going, but it tied together towards the end, which amplified the suspense.

I’m not sure if this movie was based on a book or not, but it was good to see something original with a sense of authenticity of the criminal lifestyle in the hardest parts of Mexico. It also doesn’t hide just how far a militarized government will go to completing a mission by any means necessary. Even if that meant swindling the likes of the people that were brought in to help, and a double cross or two. I found it to have that feel of Zero Dark Thirty because of Emily Blunt’s character being an enforcer, but as it develops, she’s not the key centerpiece. This is a movie I’d see again, so what do you think I’m going to say to you? Watch it. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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