The Known Unknown Presents: Jayd Ink [October 15th]

I’m going to stop introducing posts related to Toronto talent with the cliché business and just get right into it. There’s a new school of talent around and the people who often go overlooked are the women who have strength in their voices whether they vary in Hip Hop, Soul, R&B or Trap. They all have their stories and throughout the influx of men being at the forefront for Toronto or GTA representation, the women casually get dismissed, which isn’t fair to them. So what does The Known Unknown do? What they do best. Put together a show that has some of the hidden gems to come out to perform what everyone else has been missing. Among the collection of Dijah SB, Tamera Russell, Whilla, Rushiie Raw, and a host of others, Jayd Ink is one name that has been garnering a lot of attention, especially since the release of her latest EP, Invitation OnlyThere is only one place that you need to be if you’re really about that life when it comes to supporting the talent from coming from the hottest city in North America, currently. Don’t miss out and pay for it later. You’ve been warned.

Event Info Here 

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