Dijah SB – BLUE

Mental Health has always been something that people have been hesitant to discuss, but because of society’s constantly evolving way of thinking and the behaviours that come with said evolution, the conversation has been opened up more so now than decades prior. Instead of brushing it off, more people are being more open to their experiences, and through whatever ways they can do that, it helps those who are still facing their battles trying to defy the stigma that mental health issues bring.

Dijah is one of those people who are looking to end the stigma when it comes to her music. As a person who is still going through her own trials and tribulations, she allows her music to be the fuel to her passion that allows her to break down those walls that may prevent her from enjoying the daily routine than many of us take for granted. Her latest piece of work pushes her own experiences and will serve as a go-to reference for those who may not have found their voices yet. She has certainly touched people with her music thus far, and I can’t imagine that this won’t do the same. She takes great pride in making solid music, and there’s a gradual increase in quality with every project that comes by. So please, do yourself two favours: 1. educate yourself about mental health awareness, and 2. listen to this mixtape. I guess the 3rd (since I didn’t state that there would be a third point) would be to share this out to anyone you know is affected by the stigma that we, as all people, can end. Enjoy.

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