Deadpool – The STiXXclusive Review

First and foremost, there are no spoilers. Moving on.

What do you do when you have a character that most people don’t know about, and is not your ordinary Marvel Hero/Villain that most people are already aware of? You slap an R rating on it, cast someone with vivid personality (a Canadian, at that, mind you), and you do what only Marvel does best. Tell a story. That’s precisely what happened with Deadpool, and from the trailer(s) that I’ve watched, I knew I was going to be entertained with one of what will certainly be many highly anticipated comic book inspired movies.

Now, if you’ve been keeping score at home, Deadpool was last seen (at least to my knowledge) in the unfortunate movie that was X3. To quote Nayvadius Wilburn, “It never happened.” Let’s just say that’s one of the reasons why so many people were skeptical & unnerved to hear that a movie was being made about to legendary mercenary. What Marvel does best for the casual fan (such as myself) is make a formal and entertaining (at times) introduction to a character if they’re not well versed in the comic book world. There’s a large percentage of those people, so on behalf of those people, including myself, I do say thank you for that. I feel like there was literally no other way to present Deadpool honestly had it not been rated R. Anyone who has ever read a comic book before, knows that it can get pretty gruesome and raunchy. To be honest, could you imagine what all of the Marvel movies going back to the first Iron Man would look like if they were Rated R? There’s a reason why Daredevil is on Netflix. You have to show certain characters honestly, and that was done here.

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian gem that has a personality that made perfect sense to cast him as Wade Wilson. Much like that golden chemistry that Tobey Maguire brought to the first Spiderman (I mean, they haven’t found the perfect one yet), certain actors just feel right within the roles handed to them. From the opening credits, this movie has jokes. Whether narrating his story (and often speaking directly to the audience), or even little gestures to enhance a line or two, I couldn’t honestly pick out something specifically that I didn’t like about this movie, and there haven’t been a lot of Marvel or DC movies that have come out recently where I have a feeling like I was overall satisfied with the movie from start to finish with no room of dissatisfaction. There are even jabs at other Marvel movies just out of fun, but that’s within the character. I’m pretty sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot of improv going on while filming. It just felt natural.

I’d see it again, in a theatre, in a heartbeat. It’s that good, and the hype is real. It’s only February, but unless the other 6 or 7 scheduled big budget movies bring that fire, Deadpool may awkwardly two step and bop right into the tops for comic-inspired movies in 2016, and we’ve only just started. It’ll be an exciting year for moviegoers, and Deadpool has set the bar high for others for aim for. Go see it. Twice if you have to. Then tell other people to see it. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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