The Jungle Book – The STiXXclusive Review

There’s an importance to every person when it comes to the childhood imagination because it keeps you youthful to some degree, and that’s something I hold onto, because how else can you learn to enjoy things as you get older without having an inquisitive nature like you did when you were a kid? Also, when it comes to being entertained, who else wants to be all serious and can’t have a childlike humour (sometimes)? It’s really just things that I’ve observed over my young life, and it’s movies that are brought to life from Disney that help keep that imagination alive for generations to come. We’ve gone from VHS (my childhood) to Pixar animation, to the most complex of 3D animation that is this adaptation of a Disney classic, The Jungle Book. When the initial trailer came out, I was hype. When I found out what the cast was, and the fact that it had been done right with the likes of Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Lupita Nyong’o, and Scarlett Johansson, I was all in with the movie. Period. My only question would be, would they keep with the original storyline of the movie or try something else?

Well they had a culmination of both where the older generation of Disney kids could connect to the first movie for nostalgia, and it also introduced a newer audience, which will now have that connection as well. Having the original characters played so well in their respective roles, and just how visually popping the movie was from start to finish, this was a great way of just how 3D animation could be incorporated with live action. It was great to watch from top to bottom.

What I appreciated about the movie was that it was a collective balance of humour & entertainment although the mood seemed to be a bit darker throughout. There was much mystery, and really depicted the jungle life in a harmonious way, while still keeping it light-hearted for the kids. This is definitely a movie for everyone, because certainly it will be enjoyed on all forms.

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