JAHKOY – Foreign Water EP

There’s no crime in not being up on who’s hot or who’s not these days, because there re a lot of artists who don’t exactly stand out or do what they do consistently enough to give them a look. That doesn’t always mean that the artist is bad, it just means that they’re not of your taste at that moment. I think a reason why I wasn’t messing with Jahkoy at first was because of the amount of Weeknd, PND, and Bryson Tiller clones that kept infiltrating and honestly, it’s a lot. How does one distinguish what’s good when so many of them sound similar? Often it’s production that allows them to stand out, but because the buzz was around in the city, I figured I might as well take in this EP, and it turns out that I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s missing in R&B could be sent back to a simple line from The Original Kings of Comedy“don’t nobody sing about love no mo’,”  and it’s the absolute truth. Whether it’s to put you in a feel good mood or at least get you through some tough times, it should be unequivocally emotional, and a lot less of the bitterness that seems to ooze out more blatantly with today’s Rhythm & Bland – let’s just keep it real. Jahkoy did that on this EP and from start to finish, the vocals combined with the production meshed seamlessly and I can’t point out a song that I don’t like a lot (Don’t Stop The Vibe might be the one, actually). R&B is the strong genre that represents the city, because we’re always moody, but it’s a project that is a solid debut for what I hope to be a prosperous career for him. I just hope Def Jam doesn’t fuck it all up, and since him and Alessia Cara (more Canadian Content) are on the same label, a collab will have to happen. It’s right there. For the GTA. It’s gotta happen. But enough words, just music. Check it out (buy it too if you must), and most importantly, enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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