Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – The STiXXclusive Review

Bring out the nerd in all of us, George Lucas. He’s been doing so since my parents were teenagers, and has thus continued the trend (no matter how good or bad) well into my late 20s. I wouldn’t consider myself a diehard fan of the Star Wars franchise but I am definitely a fan. Having sat through every episode, built a ton of LEGO, played the video games, and even watched the Clone Wars animated series, there’s always a general interest in whatever comes about from the series, including stories that haven’t been told before that put everything into perspective. That’s where Rogue One comes in, and where a lot of people may think that this has a connection to the new Trilogy, it does not, just so we’re all clear. This is more so a prequel to the original trilogy that tells the story of the Rebellion and the very few individuals who helped put in place the monumental mission of A New Hope (aka Episode 4).

What is appreciated about these new Star Wars movies is that women are at the forefront in terms of being in command of the narratives. More so than Princess Leia & Padmé in older movies, and there’s a strength to them that shows that there isn’t a gender barrier in a galaxy far far away. But in terms of the story itself, Star Wars has always been about good against evil, but also about the good being the underdog and the evil being the dominant force (no pun intended). There’s a complexity to this endless story, but what I admire is that the history is revisited in a way that sets a tone for the attitudes of the older, but notable characters. I also think that over time as the references to Episode 4 were still finding their ways to sticking to the subconscious, I found myself wondering what the original saga would have looked like with modern technology and today’s acting. I was very excited by the return of Darth Vader and to see him in a way where he was menacing just as one would have hopped. It was brief, but still a glimpse of the power he possessed going into the original saga, which was established by Anakin’s evil by the end of the 2nd trilogy. It really completed the circle in a way where it didn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth like Episodes 1-3.

If anything, this was an indication that the new Star Wars movies are in good hands because there’s a sense of care for the stories, the consistency in the action, but also an attitude that suggests that this indeed isn’t your parents’ Star Wars or even Millennials’ versions when we were preteens/teens. This gives me hope that Episodes 8 & 9 will live up to the expectations that were put in place by 7. Although this particular movie doesn’t have an impact on the new trilogy, it’s great that even in an older story, there’s still a refreshed energy to give the beloved series life. Be sure to check it out, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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