EverythingOShauN – Broke$

One thing that I have criticized for is that I don’t show love to Toronto Trap music. To be fair, that’s not all true, but here’s the situation – yes, it’s the popular thing out on a major scale, but there is a lot of Trap music, regardless of location, that just isn’t good to me. You can enjoy it, but if I don’t feel it, it doesn’t get posted. Have to be honest with yourself. That being said, as bad as it is, I was reluctant to give this video a watch because I was already bracing myself for mild disappointment. After a couple of listens, it turns out that my disappointment would be avoided because this is a good track overall. Production on point, flow was synced with some precision bars. Entertaining but still keeping it thorough. I appreciate that. As for the video itself – nothing mind-blowing, but simple enough to gauge the environment. Do check it, and while you’re at it, take a crack at the full project, Until Now.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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