The Dijah SB & Joel Garden EP

“…the boombap aspect is all I know, and there’s a lane for it…my strength is the boom bap experience” – Dijah

When she said this to me after sending me a rough of Can’t Live Without You, I knew that I had to step back a bit and understand that not everyone has to change their sound up if it’s something that works for them. Obviously, I was on the outside looking in, and I didn’t want her to stunt her growth – she’s too good to wither away. Every time she drops a project of some sort, I’m reminded why she’s a necessary voice. She is an alternative voice that speaks to so many people that need it, and presentation doesn’t even matter. It’s one of the same reasons why J. Cole will always have the consistent fan base that he’ll have, because the lyrics consistently hit on themes that deal with mental health & self-love. 3 tracks (stop teasing and drop an album, dawg) aren’t enough to encapsulate what she brings to the table, but on a much more mellow vibe for all three provided, it’s just enough to grab and hold in a gentle manner. Her open dialogue to a subject so private in most homes is why she has the support she does. It’s genuine, and it’s not taken for granted. Please listen & share.

“Where you will be in the middle of November when it’s raining and I can’t calm down” – Dijah

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