21 Days of Self Love – Challenge Recap

Shani Cares if don’t nobody else care.

I wasn’t planning on doing the challenge when I saw it, but I said “why not?” because there couldn’t have been any harm done if I did. There’s a difference when it comes to having an appreciation of self and love of self. I felt like I did love myself because I would consider myself comfortable in my own skin, but did I really ask myself tough questions and be forced to come to terms with difficult times? What about celebrating my moderate success or accomplishments? I have a bad habit of selling myself short and being too modest, so perhaps this challenge would help open me up to really being happy about who I am, flaws & all. Loving them would be the necessary step to projecting my love outward for others. I mean, that’s how it should be, at least.

I’m so excited to share this challenge with all of you!! Starting today I would love for you guys to go on a Self Love journey by taking some time out of your day to write and reflect on these daily entries! I will be sharing most of my daily entries with you guys and if you plan on sharing your daily entries please tag me or hashtag #shanicares21days! Make sure to turn on notifications for my page because I will be posting the daily entry as a reminder of what to write about that day! Feel free to share with your family/friends by reposting or tagging them!! ❤ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #shanicares #shanicares21days #selflovechallenge2017 #selflovejournaling #journaling #21days #love #instagood #marchchallenge #instalove #instashare #instarepost #repost #mommyblogger #blackishmom #blackmomblogger #selfcarematters #bgm #blackgirlmagic #naturalhaircommunity #likeforlike #followforfollow #torontolifestyle #416 #canadiannaturalistas #canadianblogger #torontonian

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Shoutout to Google Drive, first and foremost. That’s where I decided to keep a running catalog of my daily posts. I don’t know why I only shared it on Twitter, but it was just most accessible and easily digestible. Pretty much, it’s by default and I’m not mad about it. From Day 1, I made it a commitment to really keep with it every day. What I appreciated, while reading through the list of tasks throughout the days, was that I had to think really hard about things I never had the chance to question about myself. Starting off with Day 1 about writing 15 things that I like about myself. Like how do you just sit there and think of 15 positive things to say? It’s difficult, but I think I did a good job.

Moving through the days, the more I wrote, the more I shared, and the more that I left myself open for self-love, I started to really feel good. Telling yourself good things out in the open, writing them down to make them tangible and concrete can make a world of a difference for the mind and soul, so I’m glad that I was able to really dig deep and express myself to myself, about myself. I had to confront insecurities, troublesome memories in my past, and also challenge myself to be a better person in the present and future.

The most challenging days were: 4, 8, and 19 because being honest about negative situations is difficult, but again, being open with them will only lead me to release for more positive vibes to shine through. This is a challenge I would recommend for anyone because at the end of this, not only did I find love for self, but now I’m able to share love with another, and I attribute this challenge as the main factor & reason why that was allowed to happen. So thank you Shani for creating this (check her blog), and above all else,

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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