Jazz Cartier – Right Now

Spring is supposed to be here, since it was apparently around the corner, and now it appears to be down the damn street, in the next municipal district. Regardless of that fact, it’s Jazz Cartier season, and he’s dropping a new album – that’s a good thing. The first single is out, and there’s a video to go with it. I’m especially proud to amplify this on this little blog of mine, because my boy, Isiah Blake (3847 Lawrence Ave|Susan Street ah ah ah dun kno SCARBOROUGH MANDEM), directed this, and it’s certainly not the last time you’ll be seeing his videos, if you’re not already familiar with his work. Shoutout to the editor, Nicole Sison. Shout out to Gershona being the lead model – Darkskin Black women getting those looks – important. Watch. Enjoy. Share. All that. FLEUREVER is coming sometime this year.

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