Dijah SB – I Wonder

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m laying in bed scrolling along, because I’m just relaxing, and I see that a good friend of mine, and rising artist (seriously, rising), Dijah SB, has dropped another track. Now, if there are points for consistency, Dijah absolutely gets her just due, and she’s been steadily collecting.

If it isn’t an Oliver Jeweller parody video for Run My Money, or dropping a mellow & reflective EP that is Looking at Space from a Submarine, or performing at an artist showcase at SXSW, the respect of the hustle that I have for her really goes without saying.

Without getting into any specifics or putting out info for the sake of bragging, Dijah and i have had a good critic-artist relationship, because she’s one of the few artists (not that I talk to many by any means) that openly looks for feedback in ways to look to improve. Absolutely, we haven’t agreed on every song being good, or to the execution that I anticipated, but she has never taken criticism as ‘hate,’ as many artists in Toronto commonly mistake the two. If you’re not good, and these are the reasons, you don’t have to agree with my opinion, but if there are some things I said that can help improve your artistry, that’s all that is. Am I an expert in music? Nope. I just look at it from my perspective using this one question, “what would make me want to listen to your music?”

Dijah has shown time and time again that she listens to feedback, and even as she continues to grow within her own right, she reviews her old work and is critical of it. It’s part of the process of being an artist. You find satisfaction with the fact that you’ve audibly or visually seen a progression because you want to progress and not stay in the same position. It’s not a trait that many of her male counterparts seem to share, and I say that from experience of artists I’ve come in contact with over the years.

I Wonder is that latest step in the right direction for Dijah, and it’s a testament to her not only improving her lyrics as a whole, and her delivery, but improvement in creating songs, and the expansion of working with an assortment of producers, with DviousMindz coming through with the flavourful beat, channelling a recreating of the sample used for Kanye West’s song of the same name, from his Graduation album. I can say with confidence that this is Dijah’s best song from an overall standpoint. It checks all of the boxes of what you want for a great song, and this has it: Replay value, relatable, a great beat, and great lyrics. I think this song can really go somewhere if it’s decided that she wants to push it. I stand behind it, and I hope that you take the time to listen and appreciate the growth that Dijah has displayed over the years. It’s amazing to see.

That’s My Word & It STiXX


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