Rich Forever – Mixtape Review

Now, normally I don’t do this, but I felt that it was necessary to do a review for this mixtape. God Forgives I Don’t was supposed to be released last year, but because the big homie Rozay had some seizures, it got pushed back, which is understandable. NONETHELESS, this mixtape was highly anticipated, and the prequel to what we hope is to be a great album. So, ON WITH THE SHOW…or blog…same thing.

Holy Ghost (Feat. Diddy)

Alright, so the mixtape starts off with a song related to God (very nice with sticking to the theme). Illuminati & Holy Ghost references essentially sets the tone for the mixtape early accompanied with Diddy adlibs & Rick Ross “HAs” and “HUHs” followed by some “WOOOO!” Ross gets me hype, I’m not even going to lie, the fact that he boasts so much about his money and his status is classic ignorance, but at the same time he makes it work. The ‘Rich Person Prayer’ as delivered by Deacon Diddy: “Father, please protect me from brokeness, bitch ass niggas, and bitch ass bitches too.” His rise to fame & status in the rap game is something to be noted, because only a few years ago was he talking about every day hustling, and now he’s seeing his teachers driving “pieces of shit.” But hey, he got to where he is now by working hard, so continue, Lord Richard Ross (Shout out to @TheOnlyJosh for the reference).

High Definition

It’s fitting that my mother just bought an HD TV just the other day. Balling in high definition, so why not? Bigger screen, clearer picture, better sound. The song is yet another way for Ross to express his status. He’s bigger & better than the rest. His Mafioso style of rap along with his narcotics references combined with a hot beat doesn’t necessarily make him a great rapper, but he’s not terrible. People look at rappers and expect them to all be lyrical and flow like we’re in the Golden Ages of the 90s. It doesn’t work like that. We can only move forward with the times.

MMG Untouchable

First time I heard this (and it still happens), I thought that I was still listening to High Definition. The Lex Luger-ish beats on this mixtape would make it confusing at times, but at the same time, they all go hard, and mind you, this IS a mixtape, so there will be flaws here and there. I don’t know exactly who is talking at the end of the track, but I wish they would have shut the entire hell up, because they were 18 kinds of annoying. Don’t make me list them.

Yella Diamonds (Feat. Birdman’s Adlibs)

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY PYREX (Pyrex is glass bakeware for those who don’t know; used in the kitchen….put two and two together. THERE YOU GO!) So, according to most people on twitter (not I), Birdman is the G.O.A.T (this is total sarcasm by the way), and every track that happens to be blessed by his voice is deemed the hottest of all fires. Filled with hand rubs and “A Hunnid’s” all over the place, his adlibs do make you feel richer for some reason that cannot be explained at this particular time. This man loves to talk about his money and just how much he’s spent on whatever, “19 FOR THE WHOLE THING” & “WALK UP OUT THE TRAP NIGGA IT’S BLING BLING!” Rick Ross on these kinds of tracks are just to get people hype, lyrical content is essentially the same on each track, no lies about that.

F*ck Em (Feat. 2 Chainz & Wale)

2 CHAIIINNNNNZZZZZ is that dude right now. He’s been featured on a lot of tracks, and he has influenced a flow that most rappers on their own tracks, and has even went harder on other rapper’s songs (most recently ‘Supafreak’ on TM103). Everyone needs a favourite wack rapper; I think he just may be it. The man made a reference to Boost Mobile with the chirp sound. Simple, stupid, yet effective. Rick Ross’ Tim Tebow 4th quarter reference would have been accurate had Tebow won his last couple games in the 4th, but still a nice reference. Wale…this guy…I used to be a fan of his, because he made dope tracks with a unique style of his own, but now? He seems to just be forcing himself too hard, and his voice annoys me. I struggled through his album, please believe that I did. This song was just one big middle finger to the haters, so it will certainly be an anthem for many.

I really didn’t care much for the skits on this mixtape. Why mixtapes have skits in the first place beats me, but this London chap was certainly an annoyance. Who cares about your socks? I…don’t….understand.

Rich Forever (Feat. John Legend)

This starts off as a Gospel, with John Legend as the main voice. I couldn’t imagine anything better. John Legend and hooks is just a match made in Heaven so it seems. The synthesized piano, violins & drums were great in the beginning, and I liked how Ross was essentially telling his story of how he got to where he is. The simplicity of it was nice, and the powerful vocals by John Legend proved that this combination was a success. When the beat kicked in, I was disappointed because it ruined the vibe for me. The beat is SO BASIC! It essentially ruined the vocals for John Legend, so I got turned off because it was such a distraction to me. I got the message of the song, so I’m not mad at that, it’s just the beat that killed it for me.

Triple Beam Dreams (Feat. Nas)

Nas is angry, and when he’s angry, he gets all Hulk on the mic. It’s a beautiful thing, because he just airs out an abundance of lyrical fury that we all want, and have been waiting for. He doesn’t hesitate with firing the defence of black people, and getting right into his roots. It seems like any song that has ‘Dreams’ in the title, Nas has smashed (think about it). Nas really did go off on the track; it was a complete 180 of what he rapped about on ‘Ghetto Dreams,’ but at the same time, it was effective. Was it me, or did you feel that you had to wear a bulletproof vest during Ross’ verse with all of the shots being fired? Lord. Have. Mercy. But honestly, it’s good for hip hop. There HAS to be some form of tension, it’s only right. There are the people who swear that unity and sanction are the ways to go, but that’s not what hip hop was developed on, so let it continue. I’m not saying for anyone to get shot over it, but still. Spice it up.

Mine Games (Feat. Kelly Rowland)

Track for the ladies featuring a sexy lady, you can’t really say much about it. I feel like this song was written by Wale, since he’s been ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’-ing (you saw what I did there) all over the place, but everyone has a song for the general female consensus, so they roll with it. Me? Not so much. It was okay; nothing great.

New Buggatti (Feat. Diddy)

Diddy rapping is funny as ever, and I’ll explain. He’s a businessman; he’s in commercials advertising Ciroc & wearing Sean John with that toothpick readily fixated on the side of his mouth. His verse was comical to me, because I don’t see Puffy as a tough guy, but just a guy who just wants to rap about his money, but hey, he has a lot of it, so I’m not even mad. Go ahead Diddy.

Keys to the Crib (Feat. Styles P)

So a couple of songs before this, I mentioned ‘Lotus Flower Bomb,’ and Mr. Ross mentions it on this song, well then. Alright then. A lot of shots being fired on this song aiming at the younger kids with their “swag,” to certain CEOs backstabbing their own, but I don’t think people are catching it. We can all agree that Rick Ross isn’t the most lyrical, and not even in the topic of conversation, but he makes good songs, and the way his ignorant boasting flow goes on, it works for him and people rock with it. Styles P, the Ghost, still one of the most underrated rappers out, why? I don’t know. He was productive on this track, but often times, Ghost says things that fly over your head, but people listen slowly, and we’ve known this.

Last Breath (Feat. Meek Mill & Birdman)

Alright, so, Birdman just decided to wait a few more tracks before he actually said something aside from an ad lib? Interesting. Meek Milly (as he often refers to himself) is one hell of a yeller, I don’t know how he doesn’t get strep throat or something, it’s amazing. He just yells…ALL THE TIME! But he’s still sick when it comes to his delivery and style. I don’t take Birdman that serious, but he is about that life. He has no kinds of bars, at all, but you have to hand it to him, he’s built a successful business for himself (even if it doesn’t necessarily make the audience’s ears happy), so he’s entitled to rap on a track here and there.

I Swear To God

“I SWEAR TO GOD! THAT’S ON MY KIDS!” More. Shots. Being. Fired. Honestly, it’s been the common theme of this mixtape, like I really need to grab a vest and some police riot gear. He’s pretty much throwing shots at rappers with essentially the same swag, the same “hustle,” and people who talk behind the curtain and are judgemental for god knows whatever reason. AIR EM OUT, ROZAY! Until names are dropped on tracks, this isn’t a legit beef.

Off the Boat (Feat. French Montana)

Hated this track. The beat, French Montana, everything. That’s all there it is to it. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon for French, he’s terrible in my opinion, but people swear he’s sick. It must be that trap music flow, but I’m not down with it as heavy as many, so I just slap on a straight face and shake my head to it. Moving on.

King of Diamonds

Shout out to Mike Will, this beat can cook, but it sounds like Lex Luger too, but I’ve come to deal with the fact that everyone wants to sound like everyone these days, so finding something truly authentic is hard to spot. This song didn’t do much for me either. Got me hype at the beginning, but still, when you rap about the same thing this long on this mixtape, it’s easy to get bored, and at this point I was starting to. When he says “The boss back, somebody call a BRINKS truck,” I can envision myself at the club doing some time of Gully creeper type of action, it’s really hard to explain, but you get what I mean. Guys start clapping hands, shaking dreads, and doing ignorant things when stuff like this comes on. THAT’S what I mean.

Ring Ring (Feat. Future)

My face when Future started singing à -_________________- like….REALLY?! He’s annoying….as hell. For those who don’t know, Future was on the infamous ‘Racks on Racks on Racks’ song with YG, and he pretty much made the song worth listening to in the first place, BUT, I didn’t take interest in him afterwards, but of what I’ve heard of him, a lot of people make comparisons to him and 2 Chainz all of the time. At least 2 Chainz doesn’t have an annoying ass voice, jeez; I think I almost threw the laptop out for this one. Another track appreciating the women who stay by their Trap Man. How sweet of them, but ya, this song annoyed me too, but I expect to hear this in the club. A lot. Especially the “RING RING RING RING RING RING RING!” This will unfortunately be stuck in my head for a ridiculous amount of time, I can feel it.

MMG The World Is Ours (Feat. Pharrell, Meek Mill & Stalley)

Shout out to Boi-1da on the beat. HOT! Pharrell should have done one thing and one thing only. NOT RAP ON THE TRACK! He was fine on the hook, but his flow was so monotone and it didn’t even make sense to me, really. Meek Mill didn’t yell as much as expected (unless they used a sound filter or something), but yet again, he doesn’t have bad features, I just think that this style of beat didn’t suit him on this song, but Stalley seemed to flow on it better. FLOW on it, not necessarily do better overall. Lyrically, this song wasn’t much at all. I would have preferred to listen to the beat for its entirety, than hear the rappers on it.

Jesus, this mixtape is long as hell, but I have a couple of more tracks. I need a water break or something. Ref, give me a full timeout right now, please?

Party Heart (Feat. 2 Chainz & Stalley)

Didn’t like this song either. I’m not going to lie, Stalley sounded like trash on this mixtape. He had a good mixtape on his own (Lincoln Way Nights), so I’ll just ignore his presence on here and keep it moving. Wait, did Ross just say that him and Meek Mill have sex with the same women? Wait a second…the same kicks as Wale? Come on, but at the same time, Rick Ross wears silk bed sheets as shirts to award shows, so I can’t be mad. 2 Chainz twice on one mixtape? Shoot, I’ll take it. He may be wack, but he’s enjoyable to listen to. His ad libs are funny, his flow is basic yet somewhat effective, so I’ll roll with it.

Stay Schemin’ (Feat. French Montana & Drake)

French Montana again? Why, Lord? Do you not love me? I don’t understand what I did to deserve this. The main emphasis and only bright spot on this track was Drake’s verse. He went back to his Comeback Season flow, and it was nice. Drake subliminally fired back at Common & Ludacris, which we were all anticipating, and he possibly had the best quotable on this mixtape with, “BITCH YOU WASN’T WITH ME SHOOTING IN THE GYM!” I’m not going to lie, I laughed when I first heard this because the Kobe Bryant divorce is still new, so it worked, but overall I’m glad that Drake said something back and showed that he’s not a little punk. I’ll accept such a verse from him, as long as it takes away from his over-simping ways, I’m happy.

THIS CONCLUDES THE END OF A VERY LONG, DRAGGIN REVIEW! Honestly, I’m ready for this album, and you can tell that Ross is too, he’s just bored and needs something to do in the meantime, so this is definitely downloadable (here, or here), and some people may (and possibly will) like this more than me, but I’m just waiting for this album, so I won’t be too heavily focused on it. In the future, I’m going to do shorter reviews…but I don’t promise anything. But what I do know is that this was my opinion, my review, because

That’s My Word & It STiXX


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