SOPA Protest

As most of you are now aware, the United States government is trying to impose a law, which would put a muzzle on free speech over the internet.

Many sites, including majors like Wikipedia & Google, are protesting to stop this act from becoming law, thus would exceed censorship not only in the United States, but it will have a significant impact worldwide.

In Canada, about 40 000 websites will also be down in support of the protest, so It’s fundamental and imperative that we do what we can to sign petitions, and show your support (whether or not you live in the United States) so that this will be stopped. We all have the right to free speech & opinions, so why should that be taken away? What life is lived with no open thoughts? None. So, please, just do what you can and just help support the cause.

Sign the petition here

Appropriate Song for this – Fight The Power: Public Enemy

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