Throwback Albums of the Day – Voodoo & Brown Sugar – D’Angelo


Yes….how DOES it feel? To be deprived of great R&B after all of these long, tumultuous years. To hear nothing but wannabes trying to take your shine (Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Dra…nah). To sit an wallow and watch you go from a slim to obese in such a short time span? D’ANGELO?! WHAT THE HELL MAN?! For a period of time, him, Keith Sweat & R. Kelly were the glory of R&B. The songs, the production, the strong sexual appeal for grown & thick boned, to witty & itty-bitty. It was all there, it was all great, and then POOF…it just disappeared with no notice, faster than a cockroach that’s running towards a dark area when you turn the lights on. THAT FAST! And all the fans were left with was the soulful music that he hath provided us (yes, I just got Biblical, SAY SOMETHING). I grew up listening to D’Angelo, as I’m sure many of us all have, and if you didn’t, YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON GREATNESS, I PROMISE YOU! But…never fear, this is why I’m here to somewhat educate and satisfy the people of their musical quenches (No Sprite). D’Angelo’s Jazz/Blues influenced style left a footprint not only in R&B, but also in hip hop. He brought a style that transcended the way most R&B artists would not have thought about outputting their music at that particular time. He was definitely ahead of his game at that particular time. So, please, show some respect, and download these classic albums featuring the great songs Cruisin’, When We Get By, Brown Sugar, Sh*t, Damn, Motherfucker, Lady, Untitled (How Does It Feel), and so much more (I feel like I’m doing a voice over for one of those 90s commercials with the scrolling song titles in the horrible Yellow font….Good times).

2012 is really real because he’s dropping an album this year. CRAZY! IT’S BEEN 12 YEARS!!! FINALLY! So, catch up from now

SO, FOR NOW…..enjoy. You should know the drill by now, click the pictures to download.

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